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This calculator uses information derived from the 2012 Hebert Research study on consumer buying behavior in real estate and assumes an average 6-12 month lead-to-close timeframe.

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You need to sell _ homes next year

You need _ leads in your database at the start of the year.

You need to start generating _ additional leads per month.

Your mix of leads based on average close rates should look like:

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The numbers above are estimates only and are not a guarantee that you will make your desired commission goal.

About this Calculator

How is close rate determined?

Leads come from various sources. A referral lead may close at 50% but they will only make up a small percentage of your leads. We took an industry average of 2.5% based on a mix of paid, free, and referral sources.

How are leads by source determined?

The mix of leads by source are based on an informal survey of top producing real estate agents